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Osseous Sound


Winner of TadaGrant in Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition Tadaex 2015

Polyhedrons, defined as simple solid volumes in three dimensions, can be looked at as one of the very basic forms in which an enclosed space can be achieved. We think of geometry, lines, and surfaces, as the most essential elements in conceiving a space. As a system that holds everything together and connects everything. As a structure. While looking at naive spatial geometries as supporting structures that hold the space on its feet, the metaphor of comparing it to body skeletons comes to mind. We see the geometry, as the skeleton of space. We created geometry, like body skeletons, so we can see it, experience it and interact with it, as what it really is.

Team: Mehrad Mahnia, Mehran Davari, Ramtin Taherian

Year: 2015


art, instalation, Pavilion
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