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Rast Home Store


Rast Home Store: The Objects of the Spectacle
The interior space of Rast Home Store is hosting a set of objects contrary to the inexact geometry of the interior space which is influenced by the strong geometric forces of Ava Center. This family of objects is autonomously designed and placed inside. From an L-shaped shelving unit in the corner to a flat rectangular pegboard on the wall to a large sphere hanging in the air: the scene is arranged by an array of functional and non-functional objects. Despite the formal autonomy of the objects what binds them all together is their common syntactical quality. Plywood sheets (as surfaces), steel rods (as lines), and nuts and bolts (as points) are the materials of this syntax. The materiality and the assemblage quality of the “put-together” parts and pieces are referencing the “ready-to-assemble” furniture and home appliances that are sold at the store. A new spatial order is inscribed as a magnetic field of objects that are arranging multiple zones. A new micro-urbanity within the small footprint of the store, where the visitor marks a dynamic movement by walking freely from zone to zone.
Design Assistants: Negar Bisadi, Saleh Hariri
Fabrication: Garage Lab, Khashayar Bakhtiarinejad, Vafa Eshraghi
Mechanical Installations: Pooria Tehranipour
Graphic Design: Ra Design Studio
Digital Photography: Dadbeh Mohebbi
Analogue Photography: Aram Tahmasbi
Special Thanks to Dariush Rastegar, Shirin Rastegar, Sasan Dayani, Hamed Dabestani, Aryan Khalighi

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