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The Alien


Interactive architecture makes sequential conversations between humans and their environment more feasible and genuine than ever. This sensible impression may be the most beneficial aspect of this kind of architecture: to strengthen the relationship between man and its surroundings that leads to a distinctive experience of space. Interaction can be a prominent factor in future architecture; therefore, we wanted to create and play simple games to make figuring out this architecture as easy as possible. Without a doubt adding some shadings to a building’s facade that would react to daylight won’t be the oncoming architecture. But as Cedric Price is saying the acme of it would be the constant self-generation of buildings. For its complication and adversity, we chose to create a game in this short period. The PIXAR reading lamp, as an animated living creature inspired us to come up with a simple interactive object that will sense the motions around and react to them via chasing them and showing its excitement by turning its headlights on and off.

Team: Hamed Dabestani, Mahtab Hamzehlouei, Ghazal Salimian, Ramtin Taherian, Mansour Yousefpour


Year: 2014

research, Responsive, Robotic, workshop
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